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Stamps and Supplies

  • Trodat Rubber Stamps

    Rubber Stamps.

    Our Trodat line of stamps has been around for over 35 years. A few style changes and they are the best working stamps available. Various sizes and colors. We stock many replacement ink pads for most versions. When you change the rubber or poly name plate, change the pad and you will have a great stamp for one half the price of new.Not all colors available in all sizes.

    From our small 4910 at $14.50 to the 4915 at $26.00

  • Dater & Numbering Stamps

    Dater and Numbering Stamps

    Many sizes and styles of Dater Stamps are available for many uses. The dial-a-phrase stamp is great for book keeping.

    The Trodat 4817 Dial-A-Phrase message dater stamp features 12 unique messages. This stamp includes up to 10 years of dating and features the following message possibilities “PAID” “SHIPPED” “FAXED” “ANSWERED” “BACK ORDERED” “CANCELLED” “BILLED” “RECEIVED” “E-MAILED” “CHECKED” “DELIVERED” and “ENTERED”. Character Height: 1/8" tall. The Trodat 5430 is a workhorse. Add your info above and below the date. ex Received or Paid above and a title below the date. Stamp is $40.00 avalable in Red or Black pads.

  • Large Frame Stamps

    Large Frame Stamps

    When you have a large message or block of type these stamps re-ink with each press of the handle

  • Pocket Stamps

    Pocket Stamps for the person on the go.

    Pocket stamps are small and great for purses or brief cases. Pinch to open and close again to re-ink. Various colors and sizes

    9411, 9412 and 9413 sizes

    9/16" x 1 1/2", 3/4 x 1 7/8", 7/8" x 2 3/8"

    $17.50, $20.75, $24.50

  • 4911


    The 4911 stamp is popular for those just needing 3 lines of type for an address. Great for stamping the backs of brochures or if you are attending events where your name and address is needed.

    Image Area 9/16" x 1 1/2"



  • 4912


    This stamp is good for four lines of type or three larger lines for your address. Add logos or art to dress up your stamps. This one is also used for our small notary stamp.

    Image area 3/4" x 1 7/8"


  • 4913


    This stamp is good for four lines of type or three larger lines for your address. Add logos or art to dress up your stamps. This one is also used for our regular notary stamps. Available with the Breast Cancer Ribbon printed on the front of pink cases only.

    Image area 7/8 x 2 3/8"


    $30.50 for notaries. See notaries and Signatures at the bottom of the list.

  • 4915


    When you have a larger block of type or data that you need to stamp, this is a workhorse.

    Image size 1" x 2 3/4"


  • 4926


    This is a great midsized stamp when you need a quite a few lines of type. Popular with businesses for office routing use, checklists or information you don't want people to miss.

    Image size 1.25" x 3"


  • Stamp Ink

    Stamp Ink

    Inks compatible with all Trodat and Ideal stamps. Available in 6cc bottles $2.75, 28ml bottles $4.00 and 2oz bottles $7.50 for the big users. We also reink all regular ink stamps for FREE. Some stamps require an solvent based ink, when you purchase inks many of these will not indicate what type of ink you are buying. Your first clue will be when the poly turns red, curls up and wants to fall off the stamp. Make sure you know what you are reinking your stamps with. If you do not see a pad or the name is Xmark or Xstamp it probably takes a solvent based ink.

  • Speciality Stamps

    Speciality Stamps

    Real rubber stamps made to custom widths and lengths for special applications and inks. Large rocker stamps up to 5" x 7" can be made. Some special fast dry oil and alcohol inks need real rubber to keep from degrading from the chemicals. Round self inking stamps are great for logos. Make one with your home address and add a monogram to dress up your stamping.

    Call for quotes.

  • Seals and Name Tags

    Embossing Seals and Name Tags

    Embossing seals can emboss your name, logo or message into paper. Used to identify books or corporate and school seals on certificates and documents. Desk models shown, hand embossers are available.

    2 sizes 1 1/2 and 2"

    Priced $42.50 to $180.00

    Name Tags are 1" x 3" with a pinback or magnets. $18.50

  • Check Stamps and Square Stamps

    Check Stamps and Square Stamps

    The 4916 and 4917 stamps are great one line stamps for checks or forms that need one line of type.

    2 sizes 4918 and 4916 are popular for checks. the Square stamps work great for Logo's and mailing information.

    Priced $19.00 to $27.90

  • Round Stamps

    Round Stamps

    Rounds stamps can be used for anything from your address with artwork to creating a family seal. Small stamps will fit
    a smily face if you want to dress up something.

    4 sizes in stock, more sizes are available.

    Priced $19.00 to $30.00

  • Notary Stamps

    Notary Stamps

    4 popular sizes

    Add a signature to any stamp for only $6.00

  • Security Blackout Stamps

    Blackout Security Stamps

    3 popular sizes

    4913 $24.50
    4916 $20.55
    4912 $20.75