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We are located in Downtown Willmar at the North end of 5th street. A city parking lot is located in front of the building for convienent parking. West Central Printing started many years ago as a job shop for the West Central Tribune. Moving into our current location in 1976 we have offered a full line of printing services for 43 years in the same location. Many changes have taken place in the printing industry, from the days of hand setting type to the new digital presses. We still use the old letterpress equipment to produce the printing that digital has not mastered or found affordable replacement equipment. The digital machines offer options that may save you production time, inexpensive alternatives or both.
Stephen Deleski has been with West Central Printing since March of 1979 and offers over 40 years of experience. Laura Deleski has worked for West Central Printing  for 25 years and offers 30+ years of experience also.
Our building was built around 1895 and two printing companies have had served the Willmar area for more than 60 years from this location.

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Stephen has enjoyed printing since taking a graphics class in high school. Then attending Whapeton State School of Science in Wahepton ND for Graphic Arts. Other interests are photography after getting a small camera when a young child and photographing animals and scenes when visiting the grandparents farm. Lately we travel and visit the Rocky Mountian National Parks from Glacier to the Grand Canyon, many beautiful locations have been photographed.