Large format prints made from our Canon IPF 8400S pigment printer. Our printer prints on canvas, glossy, lustre, matte and bond papers. From the Giclee prints on canvas to CAD output drawings West Central Printing can handle your needs.

20 & 24lb bonds - works great for CAD, Blueprints and line drawings, but does not print photos well due to the thin nature of the paper. CAD/Blueprints sized 24x36" prints from a pdf files on 20lb bond starting at $10.00 for multiples and $13.50 for single images. 30x42" starting $13.00, call for large quantity price quotes.

Coated Bond - This paper has a coating that allows it to print photos on an economical paper. We also print some CAD and line drawings that have photos inserted in them. Works well for architechts renderings and map files.This also works great for posters and short term signage.

Lustre and Satin- This is the most common paper used for high quality photos. We have different weights available for options in framing and mounting. Prints that won't be mounted and placed in a frame may be served better on the heavier weights when you get to 16x20 size and larger.

Archival paper is available and works best on black and white prints.

Matte Vinyl with adhesive is available for mounting onto substrates where our foamcore won't work.

Canvas - used primarly for the wrapped photos. Available flat so you can wrap your own photo after its printed or we will wrap it around a frame thickness of your choice. All canvas prints are sprayed with a protective finish to prevent fingerprints and dust from hurting your image.

wedding canvas Waterfall
Bridge original Bridge watercolor
House orginal House Oil